Freewaylights is a web platform to serve the community of all passionate car enthusiasts in all areas.

Freewaylights is a web platform to serve the community of all passionate car enthusiasts in all areas.


“I have yet to meet anyone quite so stubborn as myself and animated by this overpowering passion that leaves me no time for thought or anything else. I have, in fact, no interest in life outside racing cars.” – Enzo Ferrari


“What I love is that when you’re on the over-run, and you take your foot of the throttle, listen!… there are these huge bounces… just dumps great wads of unburnt fuel into the exhaust… FOR FUN!” – Jeremy Clarkson


“I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way.” – Keiichi Tsuchiya


It’s the passion that drives everything you do, and we understand why, because it’s a passion we share.

Racing, competing, is in my blood. It’s part of me, it’s part of my life; I’ve been doing it all my life. And it stands up before anything else.
- Ayrton Senna



“When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough.” – Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna da Silva was definitely one of the greatest drivers in Formula-One history. He titled three-time Formula One champion until his car smashed into a concrete wall during the early laps of San Marino Grand Prix. Senna’s tragic accident still casts a long shadow into many person related to F1 even today.


“The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.” – Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.


“Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure.” – Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda was a Japanese engineer and industrialist. In 1948, he established Honda and oversaw its expansion from a wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors to a multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.

When the sunset marks the end of the day is the beginning of our adventure. The restless enthusiasm and life-affirming passion are what light up the road and lead us the way.